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Chevalier calls it "a group effort" to test the water tightness of iwc portofino replica's dive watches. The "thermos test" is performed after compression tests are conducted to determine water-tightness, and the watch is submerged in a tank of water. The water-proofing will leak if the inside of your glass starts to steam up. If the watch survives this rigorous protocol, it is unlikely that its seals will leak before their 10 year lifespan.

Every time a watch is introduced or changed, it is put through destructive tests. These tests are designed to push the watches to their limit. Testing includes UV light, salt water resistance, extreme temperatures, bracelet resistance and clasp resistance. It also covers ageing the movement, shock resistance, and resistance to shock. When the watches are produced in larger quantities, all major problems have been corrected and identified. The only remaining tests are for aesthetic defects, precision and watertightness. Chevalier says that R&D and testing are essential. They are also expected. The brand promises that a iwc portofino replica watch will always perform. "Our clients expect that their watches will work flawlessly when they buy them from us. They don't ask any questions or give any explanations."

A Black Bay GMT is subjected to a thermo-shock test in order to detect the presence of moisture following a waterproof test.

The iwc portofino replica company has always been committed to reliability. This means that customers are more interested in "quality" than "luxury". They also fit the iwc portofino replica philosophy of offering the best products at the lowest prices while still making each watch relevant to brand heritage. The Black Bay, for example, was launched with iwc portofino replica heritage but reinvented in a modern package. It would be brave to wear the 1950s "Big Crown Submariner" in the ocean. But a Black Bay offers a similar appearance without the worries.

My iwc portofino replica tour ends with a quick trip to Saint Etienne, France to visit the ribbon factory Julien Faure. The owners of this ribbon factory, who produce trims and ribbons for many top luxury brands and couture houses, were asked by iwc portofino replica several years ago: "Can you create a NATO style strap?"

Assembly of the Balance Wheel

Julien Faure's life mirrors the history of the watchmaking industry. He is one of the few remaining ateliers weaving ribbons using the old looms, which were sold at a penny each during the Industrial Revolution. Many ribbon factories stopped trading as technology improved and cheaper alternatives from South East Asia arrived. The equipment was burned or thrown away. Julien Faure was determined to prevent this from happening.Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches He preserved the machinery, kept the skills alive and continued to produce the highest quality product with minimal intervention by modern production techniques.