Alpar Company

   Alpar Im ?Ex Trade started trade with the aim of that whole selling. Our company had fast growing trend on market condition in the past and Thanks to enter into a distributionship agreement and increase the import product range, Alpar become a stronger company year by year.

   Alpar which has a wide range of product has a dispatch in the fastest way with service principle is that quality and reliability. We continue to be the solution partner of your problems with growing infrastructure since 1987 and knowledgeable worker.

   Thanks to mutual trust with customers, we have good friendship and business partnership with our customers. Thus, we continue on growing with make no compromises on quality.

   Our most important feature which makes us different from other companies is that we have close friendship relationships with our customers. Our most principle is that quality service and customer satisfaction so if you contact and start trade with us, we will gain new friendship.